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A Marketing & Sales 'Command Center' For Your Clinic

Skip the never-ending trial-and-error of marketing & sales software, and get everything your Clinic needs with our pre-built CRM solution.







Skyrocket Patient Acquisition

Our CRM is designed to amplify & scale your revenue, while streamlining your bookings.


Felipe M.

Empathic Practice

"Our practice got more leads and results in two weeks using Turnkey Mate's model than in 6 months using a number of other services together - either by ourselves or with other agencies & CRMs" - Verified Google Review

No obligations, no contracts, cancel at any time.



A Medical Clinic based in Pennsylvania using the Turnkey CRM was able to capture 1,100% more leads by combining manual & automated messaging marketing across multiple-channels.

180+ Tracked Calls In 30 Days


A Holistic Medical Center in Florida using the Turnkey CRM implemented Call Tracking on their Website and their Google My Business Listing to track 180+ calls within 30 days. This data was previously not collected. These 180+ contact references are now used for further SMS & call follow-up campaigns.

53%+ SALES Conversion RateS


The Front-Desk Staff of a Medical Cannabis Clinic in Florida managed to close new patients with a 53%+ conversion rate after implementing automated Phone Call follow-ups and multi-channel messaging follow-ups, using the Turnkey CRM.

Enjoy 15X Faster ROI With Our Pre-Built CRM Templates

Don't waste time dealing with setups. Get started with our pre-built CRM templates and campaign configurations.

Use Pre-Built CaMpaigns That sell

Clinics get started with our pre-built reactivation campaigns and gift card campaigns, which are known to provide immediate ROI. Running these offers may not even require a website or funnel!

Website & Funnel Templates

Every business needs a website. Our CRM users are able to launch their business with our pre-built website of funnel template. These website & funnel templates are valued at $1,500-7,000 if sold as a one-off website project.

OUR PRE-BUILT Templates Can Be Set Up In Minutes - Not Weeks!

Ditch The Marketing SaaS Clutter & Constant Limitations

You can get it all-in-one! The Turnkey CRM is a powerful marketing tool comprises many core features such as a web builder, campaign builder, automation builder, web chat feature, calendar system, phone call tracking system & much much more!

Start Saving $750+/Mo

The Turnkey CRM can replace the majority of popular marketing SaaS platforms such as: WIX; Mailchimp; Calendly; ClickFunnels; ManyChat; PipeDrive; Zapier; and more. The combined subscription cost for these platforms easily exceeds $750 per month.

Unlimited Users, Unlimited Sending, & More

The Turnkey CRM does not scale your price based on User Count, Sending Limits, or Contact Limits. Our Call, SMS, & Email rates are among the least expensive on the market.

Make Calls: $0.026/Min

Receive Calls: $0.017/Min

Text Messages: $0.015/SMS

Email: $0.0014/Email

Schedule Leads 4X Faster & Manage All Conversations In One Place

Clinics working with the Turnkey CRM see a significant uptrend in speed to schedule and volume of booked appointments. By using the CRM's multi-channel messaging capabilities, Clinics can book & engage patients better than ever before!

Book Leads 4x Faster With Multi-Channel Two-way Messaging

Manage conversations via SMS, Email, Google My Business Messages, Instagram Direct Messages, and Facebook Messenger. Equip your front desk with messaging templates to book leads 4x faster. Our messaging works '2-way', meaning you can send and receive messages!

AuTOMATE Appointment Reminders

Automate your appointment reminders with workflows that can be customized to fit your Clinic's appointment experience, for both, online and offline appointments. Need to collect payments prior to appointments? The CRM is fully customizable to fit your use-case.

automate your messages so you can be hands-off



Scale Clinic Revenues With Ease & Confidence

Join thousands of other business owners to learn how they’re being successful and growing their business with Turnkey Mate...and how you can do the same too.

manage your workflow and pipeline

The ability to track the leads in a pipeline has become even easier through our advanced Dashboard.

collect customer payments

Turn existing customers into repeat customers by making it easy for them to shop with you again and again.

all the analytics & reports in one place

Track stats such as appointment rates, campaign effectiveness, conversation response rates, call recordings, and more! All in one platform.


Instantly Boost Your SEO & Publish 100+ Online Listings

Boost your local SEO by making sure your business instantly appears on 100+ directory sites with just a few clicks. No need to log into individual websites, 100-times over again, to change your address or profile updates. Upgrade this feature inside your Turnkey CRM Account!


Agency Support & Tailored Services

Our team is filled with Digital Marketing Experts who are eager to help your business grow across the board. Get real expert support and increase your returns on your marketing & sales efforts.

Our AgencY Services Include

  • SEO Articles
  • Backlink Building
  • Google Advertising
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Email & SMS Outreach
  • Social Media Management
  • Consulting

TURNKEY CRM USERS Get 15% OFF ANY Agency Services

Being part of the Turnkey CRM means, you're part of our partner community and experience the benefit of getting 15% OFF on any of our Agency services.

Find A Better Way To Grow Your Clinic Or Spa

Discover What The Turnkey CRM Can Do For Your Clinic.

No obligations, no contracts, cancel at any time.


Premium - Monthly


Monthly Plan Offer:

  • Turnkey Mate Member Portal Access
  • 15x Pre-Built Funnel Templates
  • 5x Pre-Built Website Templates
  • 5x Pre-Built Sales & Marketing Campaigns

CRM Features Included:

  • Patient Booking System
  • Automate Sales & Marketing
  • Advanced Analytics Dashboards
  • Unlimited Users & Contacts
  • Unlimited SMS & Email Sending
  • Award-Winning Agency Support
  • 2-Way Multi-Channel Conversations
  • Google My Business Integration
  • Text-To-Pay Features
  • Reputation Management
  • Advanced Call Tracking
  • Web Chat
  • Full CRM Suite
  • Automate Your Salespipeline(s)
  • Marketing & Sales Workflow Builder
  • Funnel & Website Builder
  • Embeddable Forms, Surveys, & Calendars

*Price Does Not Include Call, SMS, & Email Sending Fees.

Premium - Yearly


Annual Plan Offer:

  • Includes All Offers From Monthly Plan
  • Save 2 Months (Save $698)

CRM Features Included:

  • Includes Everything From Premium - Monthly Plan

*Price Does Not Include Call, SMS, & Email Sending Fees.

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"What a dynamic team!!! We got leads contacting us within 24hrs and saved quite a good amount on ad budget."


"Amazing work and diligence from the Turnkey Mate. Our practice got more leads and results in two weeks using Turnkey's model than in 6 months using a number of other services together - either by ourselves or with other agencies."


"The team at Turnkey Mate is super patient and they know their stuff for anything digital marketing and advertising related."


"I have been nothing but impressed with Turnkey Mate. I discovered them in August and have been very pleased with their advertising for my company."


"Always great working with Turnkey Mate, hands down, the best advertising agency in Miami for lead generation."


"I would highly recommend using Turnkey Mate for marketing purposes. They have great attention to detail and responsiveness. We have had great results in just 1 month of working with them."


Scale Your Business With Our Pre-Built CRM Solution

Discover What The Turnkey CRM Can Do For Your Clinic.

No obligations, no contracts, cancel at any time


Analytics Dashboard(s)

Call Tracking

Email Marketing

Lead Management

Multi-Channel Messaging

Appointment Management

Marketing & Sales Automation

Reputation Management

Powerful Integrations








Open API




Email & SMS Rates

Make Calls: $0.026/Min

Receive Calls: $0.017/Min

Text Messages: $0.015/SMS

Email: $0.0014/Email

Commercial Tracking Number: $2/Month

General Tracking Number: $1/Month

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